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Medical transcription, (MT) is also the most sought after home-based professions in India as well as in several developed countries.

Medical transcription can be defined as a process of transcribing or converting recorded dictations by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals regarding a patient's medical record into a written text.

Medical transcription is the industry that gives doctor dictated reports, procedures, and notes into an electronic or paper format in order to create files representing the treatment history of patients. Health practitioners dictate what they have done after performing procedures on patients.

The medical transcriptionist has to transforms those reports from the dictated form to the written form, to be produced as hard copy or sent to storage in a computer system.

The transcriptionist must know medical terminology thoroughly, must have a command of English grammar, and goody typing skills.

It is strongly recommended that students have a strong background in Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Basic Life Science, Basic or Applied Math, basic computer applications skills, basic research skills, strong technical reading and writing skills.

    Medical Transcriptions must possess the following essential attributes
  • Familiarity with medical terminology.
  • Good typing skills
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent command over English
  • Ability to adjust to different accents and dictation
  • Ability to deduct medical inconsistencies in dictation
      • Medical Transcription Training Course modules cover the following
      • English grammar
      • Medical terminology
      • Human anatomy
      • American English
      • Growth prospects etc.
      • Transcribing sample dictations of various specialties, accents, etc.
        • Medical Transcription Training Course structure: Three months.